Uh ha is a composition for a surreal singing ensemble. This was not composed automatically; it was a case-study I assembled with materials produced by my robots. Theoretically this is the kind of music that I would expect the robots to have evolved (if you remember my talk at Blib) should I had been able to continue that research - funds finished and I had to pack up and move on. The cool thing here is that the singers here are able to change, enlarge their vocal tract to gigantic sizes, diminish to minuscule sizes, while they are singing and do all sort of shapes with their vocal pipe. They can even sing through the nose. This affords the production of a repertoire of sounds that would have been ok in their vocabulary, but not in the vocabulary of humans (because either we cannot make most these sounds and/or if we could they would be "expensive" (in terms of energy to move the muscle) to make (evolutionary, we prefer easy muscle movements).